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We have accumulated a list of questions and answers we commonly hear. We have added other helpful ones as well. Take a look and see if we have answered any of yours, if not, feel free to contact us!

We recommend coverage to be equal to or within 80% of replacement cost of your home.  The estimated replacement cost of your home will determine which policy options are right for you.

Replacement cost is the cost to replace the entire home or item.  When you insure your home for its estimated replacement value, your insurer will reimburse you for the cost of rebuilding your home, with policy limitations, based on the similar home or item that was lost.  Replacement Cost is NOT the market value, original price or outstanding balance of mortgage.

ACV stands for Actual Cash Value.  ACV is a method of valuing insured property computed by subtracting depreciation from replacement cost.

The easiest way is to take photos or a video of all your belongings in each room.  It is recommended to save this information on a thumb drive and store off premises.  If you prefer to itemize your belongings, contact us and we can send you a file where you can document and save your personal property items.

GREAT RIVERS MUTUAL offers different types of discounts such as auto/home package discounts, security system discount, loyalty discounts, claim-free discounts.  Contact your agent to see if you qualify for discounts.

We suggest you contact your agent first to let them know of your claim.   You can also call during business hours to our office, or you can send an email request from our website to get the claim process started.

If you have damage or someone knocks on your door telling you that you have damage, we suggest that you contact your agent before signing any contract or agreement with someone you do not know or have done business with them in the past. 

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